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More than 28 years of experience in Conservation and Environmental Engineering.

Here at Terra Engineering, designing on-site wastewater systems is our specialty. Whether you need a system to handle the wastewater generated by your home or your business, you can count on receiving personalized service at every step along the way. We have extensive expertise in all aspects of wastewater system design, including valuable experience dealing with small lots, shallow bedrock, shallow groundwater and poorly drained soils. We’ve worked throughout Alabama, from the Gulf Coast to the Black Belt to the northern mountain ridges, and we have  established contacts with reputable installation contractors located around the state. You can trust us to communicate with your building contractor, installation contractor and the state and local health departments during the course of our work, and we take pride in being fast, honest and dependable. We’re standing by to respond immediately when you contact us, so make us your first choice the next time that you need a wastewater disposal system for any residential or commercial property.

M. Ray Deese, PE, PSC
Licensed Professional Engineer and Soil Scientist

My professional experience includes eight years with the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and more than a decade of working for private engineering firms. In addition to on-site wastewater engineering, my previous projects include municipal and public works engineering, subdivision design, stormwater permitting and environmental work. As a Professional Soil Classifier, I have extensive knowledge of Alabama soils that I bring to every project.


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